After 6 months

At the end of its first fiscal year, Fortus Consulting pauses to celebrate a few accomplishments, and forges ahead with the launch of a new website.

Fortus Consulting marked its first fiscal year end on August 31, 2012.  Principals Mats Gerschman and Amanda Armstrong sat down over lunch to celebrate Fortus’ first 6 months in business and look ahead to the next fiscal year.

Launched in February, 2012, Fortus Consulting is a BC-based Management Consulting firm specializing in Operations Management to help clients achieve high customer service levels. Fortus started its first project in March, one month after launching the business. One day before that project wrapped up, they landed their second project. “We have been very fortunate so far,” Armstrong says. “We have had the opportunity to work with great clients, and the timing couldn’t have been better.”

With those projects complete and more projects underway, Fortus is proving it can deliver innovative results. Fortus introduced a breakthrough idea to help speed up passenger flow at YVR. “The input provided to us was specific, detailed, and exactly what we had asked for,” remarks Paul Mewett, Director of Simplified Passenger Travel at YVR. Implementation of that project is underway and, true to their mission to build long-term relationships with clients, Fortus continues to play a supporting role.

“What’s been exciting for me over the last six months is the diversity of projects,” Gerschman reflects. “Process redesign, transportation analysis, cost analysis, IT enhancements and developing business cases. Every project has been different so far, and that keeps it so interesting. Operations Management is very broad, and our experience so far reflects that.” The common theme to those projects has been Fortus’ ability to go in-depth with analysis, and connect its recommendations all the way up to high level strategies.

It’s been an exciting year of new developments at Fortus, including a new company, new name, new logo and new clients. And now in September, Fortus launched a brand new website ( “A website is always tough because it’s never finished. It’s always a work in progress. But we’re proud of our new site and hope that our clients find it helpful to read about and connect with us,” Armstrong says.

Fortus is optimistic about the future. “The first six months have been about getting the business up and running, and doing great work” says Gerschman. For the year ahead, Fortus promises to build on its track record with more great work making it work better.