Company values

Fortus Consulting puts its company values and brand philosophy into action with a client-focused operational improvement approach aimed at customer satisfaction.

Launched in February, 2012, Fortus Consulting Corporation is a BC-based Management Consulting firm specializing in Operations Management to achieve high customer service levels and excellent financial results. The firm offers its clients a winning combination of strong operational management experience and analytical expertise, in addition to hands-on implementation support. This client-centric approach is reflected in the vision of company Co-founders, Mats Gerschman and Amanda Armstrong.

In developing our brand, Gerschman says, “We wanted a name that is grounded, which is how we view ourselves both as individuals and as a team, as well as one that reflects strength and longevity. We [Amanda Armstrong and I] were playing around with derivatives of the word ‘Fort’ because it is associated with being solid and protective – as in protecting the client’s bottom line from erosion – and permanence, since we are focused on forging long-term relationships, just like we envision our clients want to do with their customers. Fortus places a high value on collaboration and we help our clients with implementation with embedded change management solutions. We’re with them for the long haul.”

Armstrong adds, “We felt the name Fortus also reflects the fact that we are pragmatic and process-oriented, with a can-do attitude. ‘Forté’ also refers to a person’s strong point and ‘Fortis’ in Latin means strong, sturdy and brave. We felt these were the right association for us because we are effective, know operations management inside out, can tackle issues head-on and efficiently, and are bottom line focused. The name Fortus reflected our values, which centre on our dedication, exceptional customer service and high integrity. With grass roots experience in manufacturing industries as well as broad operations experience actually running organizations in various industries, we can relate easily with top management down to ground level employees. Because of our experience helping clients with similar issues, we also have great sensitivity to their specific interests.”

This sensitivity to client needs is reflected in the first of the company’s five-step approach to client service, described by Gerschman as, “We listen carefully to our clients’ needs to understand their unique challenges; diagnose their issues to understand root causes; analyze their options, drawing on a wide operational toolbox; recommend solutions they can apply immediately to get better results; and coach our clients through the implementation stages.”

“Our methodology”, Armstrong says, “can be described as both fixed and flexible, because it depends entirely on each individual client’s needs. We typically conduct a thorough analysis of the current state and it can be quite focused or broad-sweeping, and may include: process mapping and analysis; data collection; a review of demand requirements and forecasting; analysis of allocation of resources to the actual demand and gap analysis; information flow and sharing; performance measurements in place and metrics to track; goal creation and follow-up; or external expenditure review.

“That may sound overwhelming to some of our clients,” Gerschman adds, “but we don’t necessarily require all the tools available to us for every project. We simply have a lot of tools at our disposal. We select the ones needed – the right ones – to resolve the challenges our clients are faced with. Then we discuss our findings with our clients in detail and this is where the collaboration really begins to solidify. Once we have an action plan, we partner with our clients throughout the implementation process, from coaching at the management level to training and team work/taking ownership right down the line. Those are our values in action.”

Fortus Consulting transforms strategies into customer satisfaction and profitability through operational improvements. We make it work better.

For more information, contact Mats Gerschman at (604) 828-4491 or Amanda Armstrong at (604) 240-4477.