New Year, Renewed Focus

Happy New Year! At year end Fortus reviewed its client base and focus and is geared up to assist companies with improving profitability

Fortus Consulting has assisted clients with various projects to enhance customer service levels and cost reductions during the past year. In times of low productivity, desire for growth and fierce competition, companies need to watch their earnings with extra attention. Therefore, going forward Fortus will focus on assisting clients to achieve higher profitability through operational improvements.

 “Companies need to expand their top line, but often forget about their bottom line until it is too late. An example is Starbucks who expanded with rapid speed and then realized that they had not focused on keeping their operations in line with their growth. In 2008 they went through a critical time. The founder, Howard Schultz, had to come to the rescue and was reinstated as CEO. He realized that expansion had been Starbucks’ only focus and therefore the company was bleeding. He quickly realigned the company’s focus to its people and its systems, and managed to reverse the trend”, says Mats Gerschman. “Fortus focuses on Operations which includes an organization’s people and systems. Analysis of how these areas fit the strategy and subsequent alignment will provide for greater earnings.”

 With this renewed focus, which includes areas such as resource allocation, process analysis, corporate culture, scheduling and optimization of the supply chain, Fortus wants to reach clients who are in a growth mode, or who have seen a downturn in profits, and do not know what to do.

“With Fortus’ previous achievements of saving transportations costs for an organization, we have shown how an organization can take advantage of our skill sets and experience” says Amanda Armstrong. “To paraphrase one client’s testimonial, we are delighted that we were able to exceed their high expectations and provide even more value than they were hoping for.  We believe many more companies can benefit from our innovative thinking.”

 “Companies start many interesting initiatives, but sometimes do not have the capacity or expertise to analyse the outcomes and make sure that they support their strategic objectives” Gerschman comments. “An operational audit by Fortus will reveal if the initiatives are aligned with the strategic objectives and if the employees understand where the company wants to go. The operational improvements following this type of review will ensure a better bottom line and a motivated workforce”.

With the start of a new year, many companies in Canada need to strengthen their productivity. Fortus is here to assist and coach management during this journey.