Spring time brings in need for spring cleaning

During this time of the year it seems like many organizations are reviewing their efficiencies and how they could make things work better. Fortus has been busy with companies in so many different industry segments." Operational Excellence is so broad", says Mats Gerschman. " When prospective clients ask what we focus on as a management consulting firm, and we say operational excellence and strategic alignment, some people ask for more detail. These terms mean different things to different organizations. That is the beauty of operations management, it cuts across all organizations". Recently we had the pleasure to work with a not-for-profit organization. Naturally they have tight financial means, but have an unsaturated demand for services. " It is great to work with people with such big hearts and so much passion" says Amanda Armstrong. "If we can help them to fine tune their efficiencies just a little bit, so they can offer their great services to just a few more people, we have also made an impact to their great causes".

Fortus continues to match their strategic thinking with analysis. "Our unique feature as a boutique management consulting firm is that we can talk with CEO's, Executive Directors, and other senior management, understand their issues and then apply analysis to help them solve their problems", Mats continues. " We have the pleasure to work with very sophisticated organizations, and complement their resources. We are actually very busy now, and have therefore engaged a number of sub-consultants as analysts and IT specialists". Fortus' model is to have a strong network of associates and specialists that they can engage on a per project basis. By working closely with technical expertise, Fortus adds capacity and capabilities for the benefit of their clients; and also offers opportunities for their sub-consultants to participate in very interesting projects.

"We hope the spring cleaning will also continue in the fall, as the drive for Operational Excellence should always be a continuous improvement effort", says Mats." Business processes should be driven by Strategic goals and companies that are successful work hard on aligning their people and systems to these goals. Competition and the pace of doing business is not slowing down, and that's why we are here, to support our clients to increase their profitability, while they excel in exceeding their customer service levels".